Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Trip to San Juan and an near brush with fame...

After our El Yunque tour, we decided to head to San Juan for dinner and to look around. We really did not have a planned destination our itinerary so we just randomly headed to the wharf. After finding what looked like a nice "touristy" area, we decided to stop and wonder around. It was a pretty nice area including an old defensive wall (part of a fortress I think). There was quite a bit of commotion which we couldn't figure out. Well, it turns that one of the potential presidential candidates was scheduled to make an appearance practically where we stood. Pretty cool. We decided to hear what she had to say. As luck would have have it, because of my earlier dip in the waterfall, I had emptied my pockets of everything include a small knife I usually have. I am not sure it would have mattered, but I'm glad it was back in the car. The downside is that all-though we endured two-and-a-half hours of standing around listening to too loud of very energetic music, still no candidate. Finally, due to having had a long day, we gave up and left.

It turns out, her plane was delayed in New York due to runway problems and she was over an hour late for a 10 minute appearance. Still, had we known we probably would have stayed a bit longer or have given her more leeway. Such is life. (On the other hand, we are really supports of that other guy in the race; had it been him, we probably would have stayed much longer.)