Thursday, May 29, 2008

At long last, a vacation

Well, yesterday, Kummi and I headed off for Puerto Rico! Yeah!

After a, ah, hectic departure (getting to the gate 10 minutes before boarding by cutting corners), and a long day of flying, we arrived in San Juan around 9 or so.

Then the real fun began. We had to drive to the hotel from airport. I decided to opt for the navigation system. Unbeknownst to us, the navigation system was not actually tracking and continued to give us completely useless (and static) directions. You'd think that a device whose primary function is to communicate with the GPS network for the purpose of navigation would info the user that it was not performing that task! And declare it boldly and loudly.

So, we used the laptop and the Sprint/EVO card to try to figure out how to get to the hotel. That worked. Sort of. Well, we did get on the right highway. Just headed in the wrong direction. We did get a nice tour of some of the older parts of San Juan; just at night while we were tired.

I finally stopped and fiddled with the laptop and nav device enough to get both working. (It was at this point, I figured out the reason the navigation device was not working was because it had managed to turn off the GPS. Again, you'd think that the device would tell that it was not actually navigating.) Once we had this fixed, live was quite a bit better for a time. The maps in the navigation device were dated, and it was awfully confused for a while (so we stopped and confirmed using the laptop and Google maps). But we finally made it to the right town.

Unfortunately, the nav device once again lead us astray and we ended up in kind of a strange residential area. Back to the computer to sort it out again. After a few more missed turns, we finally checked in around 0:30 (we probably should have been able to accomplish this feat by 23:00, but...)

After a rather difficult journey, we were greeted by this view from our window.